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  • Automatic swimming pool covers will improve the safety and running costs of your pool

    Introducing Charles, Paulene & Shayne Olliver a family run business. Charles was the installer of automatic pool covers for many years for a well established company G B Pool Supplies. 4 years ago Charles purchased the business that is now known as Covers 4 Pools Ltd. Paulene has been in the Pool industry since 1996 and Shayne joined the company 4 years ago as the main technician along with his father.

    Our business was set up to help pool builders and pool owners through out New Zealand to find the most reliable automatic pool cover on the market.

    Family business introducing

    Shayne Olliver Technician

    Paulene Olliver Sales and Admin

    Charles Olliver Manager

    We understand that pool safety is your primary concern…

    Young children drown in swimming pools and if they slip away for just a second, a tragedy can occur. Even if your children are ‘pool smart’, your guest’s children may not be.

    Our swimming pool covers work as a horizontal fence, so you can be rest assured your pool is completely covered and there can be no intrusion. If a child did get on to the cover the cover would hold the weight if closed over the pool and prevent the child from drowning.

    Both Coverstar and our Bar Covers meet the American standard ASTM F1346-91 and NZ8500 standard. Our automatic slatted cover meets the European standard NF P 90-308

    Heat and insulate your pool – reduce the need for swimming pool chemicals

    One of the best things about our automatic pool covers is that they pay for themselves!

    During the day, your pool cover will absorb solar energy that thermally conducts the water below – and at night your cover will eliminate evaporation and insulate your pool. These covers also reduce the amount of dirt and debris which enters your pool.

    This means you can expect water temperatures up to 6 degrees warmer during the swimming season, as well as pool heating costs reduced by up to 70%, swimming pool chemical costs reduced by 70% and swimming pool pump service costs reduced by 70%.

    By adding fewer chemicals and eliminating evaporation, you can also ensure a longer life for your pool plaster or liner and other equipment and products (such as filters).

    Providing a solution for every pool with custom pool covers

    Our swimming pool covers can be custom manufactured to the exact specifications of the pool you are building, or can be retrofitted to any size pool.

    Please get in touch with us if you require more information, or would like to get a free quote for your automatic swimming pool cover costs.