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  • The perfect swimming pool cover for new and existing pools

    This is the latest innovation in swimming pool safety covers! It provides a durable, multifunctional custom swimming pool cover that can be easily operated by a single person, either manually or semi-automatically. It’s stylish design includes an impenetrable surface that provides outstanding safety for your children and pets – the pool is completely sealed by a cover that sits on the pool coping and can support the weight of an average adult. Not only does this make your pool safe, leaves and debris don’t come near the water’s suface and evaporation is almost eliminated. This results in a warmer pool that uses less chemicals. The question is not why would you purchase bar cover, but why wouldn’t you?

    You can be confident that your pool is completely safe

    With a bar cover correctly installed, your pool will be completely impenetrable. Imagine the peace of mind you will have with a
    pool cover that, when fully tensioned, prevents children and pets from falling into your pool. Bar covers are strong enough to support the weight of an adult and is completely lockable. Please note that at this time, bar cover systems does not replace the need for a security fence around your pool. Parental supervision is always recommended for children in the vicinity of any body of water. Bar covers are not to be relied upon as the sole safety mechanism in a pool environmnet.

    Easily prevents all leaves and debris from entering your pool

    Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time vacuuming it! Bar covers give you 100% protection from leaves and other debris because, unlike most pool cover systems, this cover sits on your pool’s coping. This allows you to quickly remove leaves and debris from the surface of your pool cover, with a broom or blower, before retraction. This is not usually possible with other covers and as a result most leaves and debris will fall back into your pool.

    A brilliant insulator – offering heat, chemical and water retention

    Unlike bubble and foam pool covers, Bar covers are able to provide effective insulation with a 150mm air gap between the cover and the water’s surface. As a result, you can enjoy incredible energy and money savings! These swimming pool covers also reduce the chemical evaporation from your pool. This maintains consistent chemical readings and ensures lower water and chemical consumption costs.

    Sturdy construction – simple operation


    • Heavy duty, no nonsense design
    • Constructed from durable cross woven polyester
    • PVC coated
    • UV stabilised
    • Anti-fungal treatment ensures it is always free of mould, even when wet
    • Reinforced by anodised aluminium tubes that span the width of the cover


    • Easy to operate via manual or motorised winders
    • Rolling the cover on/off can be done in minutes by one person
    • Rolls up on itself – ensuring compact, lightweight roll
    • The roll can be left stationary or unclipped and relocated

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