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  • New Zealand’s favourite fully automatic slatted swimming pool cover

    Unparalleled style, performance and functionality…

    Our auto slat swimming pool safety covers provide an impenetrable surface that also keeps unwanted dirt, debris and leaves from entering your pool. Having recently won major design awards, you can expect a great looking custom swimming pool cover that ensures unparalleled safety.

    These covers are constructed with high-grade PVC or Polycarbonate extrusions, which interlock tongue in groove. The panels are hollow to ensure high buoyancy and insulation of the pool, and when completely sealed create a floating floor on top of your pool. This system can be designed to meet a wide variety of swimming pool shapes.

    The system is fully motorised and can be activated by the press of a button, the flick of a switch or turn of a key.

    Maintains the beauty of your pool design

    The below ground construction of these swimming pool cover systems totally conceals the device and maintains the integrity of your pool’s design. Please note that this can only be incorporated before the construction of your pool.

    If you would like to install this system, we will provide the requirements for its underground housing to your pool builder or architect.

    Above ground installations can be used to retrofit this cover to existing pools.

    An impenetrable slat pool cover that offers incredible safety

    When operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications, these covers offer an impenetrable surface that can withstand up to 80kgs.

    Pool owners using the cover as an additional safety barrier (to pool fencing) will have the cover floating above a specially constructed safety ledge 50mm wide (in new pools). A stainless steel safety handrail can be installed into existing pools to provide the same benefits.

    Please note that in New Zealand Automated Pool Cover Systems do not replace the need for a security fence around your pool. Parental supervision is always recommended for children in the vicinity of any body of water.

    Dramatically reduces heat, water and chemical loss

    To ensure you get the most effective heat, water and chemical retention, you need a swimming pool cover that is perfectly fitted to your pool. With this system effectively implemented, you can expect to save up to 80% on heating energy, chemical consumption and thousands of litres of water.

    This swimming pool cover translates into a great reduction on your pool heating bill and a much more environmentally friendly way to operate your pool.

    Looking to retrofit an auto slat pool cover?

    The above ground installation provides an aesthetically pleasing option for existing pool owners. In this scenario, the stainless steel roller unit is mounted to the pool edge.

    Once mounted, several design alternatives are available to you – the axle may be housed in a classic stainless steel frame or, as some architects have done, purpose built housing can be designed around the device to transform it into a seat, bench or daybed.

    Reducing the running costs of indoor pools

    Indoor pools can be incredibly costly to run – dehumidification systems are often operating and building maintenance becomes high with the corrosion of metal, the rotting of timber and increased dampness.

    These swimming pool covers eliminate evaporation in your home completely, which removes these problems. You also won’t need to run dehumidifiers while the cover is in place.

    Colour options

    Put shown in these pictures are our best selling profiles

    Limestone Yellow

    Clear Polycarbonate


    Solar Black Polycarbonate

    Rock Grey

    Transparent Polycarbonate

    Pebble Stone